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My name is Tiffany Simonovski, 24 at the time of typing this blog post, and female (thanks for clarifying Tiff). A proud member of the gender minority to the Scuba Diving world.

Feeling Salty is a double entendre expressing the sensation on our skin after a day near the ocean, and the em-ocean-al feeling of ‘anger, or bitterness’ towards the state of our ocean as a result of plastic pollution, and all the bad things. (eg. you're probably feeling salty after that pun).

Since March 2018, I have been regular on Instagram (define regular…) which started simply to post the images I had gathered through diving. Mainly because I never actually sorted through my images like I promised myself until I did my annual clean-out (more accurately: annual where-the-heck-is-my-wallet). Thus, Feeling Salty was born.

Through Instagram I have made many friends and anemonesIf you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them! If you are not one of them, you can ‘follow’ me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and/or YOUTUBE.

Enough about me, this blog is for YOU. Feeling Salty is starting a conversation around scuba for both women and men, beginners and seasoned divers regarding all things scuba diving including; techniques, tricks & tips, gear, courses, recreational diving, specialties, stressors and fears, amazing dive locations - some you've probably never heard of - travel, fish ID, discounts and far more!

The first YouTube video for Feeling Salty will drop in August 2019 where you can expect cool UW video's and bubbling-on about all things scuba diving (whilst appearing nervous and awkward), because although I spend a bunch of time in the sea, I am still human. You can subscribe HERE to be notified when a new video surfaces (sea what i did there!).

I have GIANT-CLAM plans, goals, and dreams for Feeling Salty, and I would love for you to join the dive. Don’t worry, I won’t shell you with emails… I purposefully (lazily) haven’t emailed anyone that signed up last week, aside from that one automated ‘WELCOME’ email that I need to change… should probably go and do that now and save the time writing this unnecessary sentence.

If anyone is still reading this, take a screenshot of this paragraph and email it to CustomerCare@FeelingSalty.com.au and I will send you some Feeing Salty Swag as a TANK-YOU for your attention span.

Jokes aside...

As an avid (female) scuba diver since 2013 - a mere *almost* 6 years - I have seen the impact of social plastics first hand regarding our ocean, fuelling my passion to create this platform that can offer insight, education and a laugh (previous to this, I had never set foot in the ocean.. but that’s a personal story you can read HERE)

Welcome to Feeling Salty! Leave a comment below to let me know you swam by. Thank you for all your support! We’re all here to have fun and I am so glad to have you join this adventure :)

Stay Salty!

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    P.s I didn’t know you were female and human?? 😱😱

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