Hey There!

I'm Tiffany Simonovski

I am a Sydney based Scuba Diver, artist, designer and educator with dreams as big as the ocean.

I am obsessed with Manta's, travelling, spicy food, dad jokes and oversized hoodies. I've been keeping it "reel" since 1994. Read on for more!

I didn't always enjoy diving: limited visibility, unpredictability, sharks and just the ocean in general are all parts of diving I absolutely adore... but just a few years ago the ocean was my greatest fear and there was no chance you could get me to go in further than knee-deep. 


You might be thinking "But, Tiffany! Didn't you grow up in Sydney?" I know, I know. I did enjoy going to the beach except, as I watched my friends frolic around in the water I couldn't help but envision one of them being pulled under into the abyss, never to be seen again - until the somber and heartfelt segment that would air on the 6pm news.


At the age of 18, in the Phi Phi Islands, I fearlessly signed my life away (with maaaybe a little help from a mojito) for a 'Try-Dive' at Koh Bida Nok the next morning. Little did I know, that dive would lead me to take the leap and eventually be my one-way ticket out of an unfulfilling, full-time office job - and show me the world in a way I never would have dreamt to experience it. Today you can find me holding a camera and somersaulting at 30m deep, or basking on the beaches of Gili Trawangan writing and sketching in my logbook.


I'm probably sipping on my latte or enjoying an ice-cold bintang whilst dreaming of ways I can help other divers grow more confident, knowledgable, sustainable and creative, and helping fellow mer-buddies find their "finning" and passions in the world of scuba diving - allowing them to explore more, stress less and celebrate the wins!


You know what excites me? Manta rays! ... and making people feel and own who they are and feel less alone. Sometimes, diving can become incredibly challenging and we start drying up and becoming scaly (too much time in the Vitamin D and not enough in the Vitamin Sea, if you catch my 'drift'!)


If I can offer into your life, anything that can inspire, open opportunity or just some words of encouragement to assist you in your journey, I'll consider my job done.


See you beneath the surface!